Wade Miller
July 2005
ISBN: 978-0857683083
Cover art by Glen Orbik

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International jewelry smuggling may be a man’s business, but beautiful Cay Morgan can hold her own with the best. Until the day a shadowy rival known only as The Trader has her abducted and scarred for life as a warning to stay out of his way.

Now Cay’s on her way to Mazatlán, where one of The Trader’s men has been spotted. There’s a big deal going down—but she’s not there to make a score.

Just to settle one.

  • First publication in almost 50 years!
  • Author of the book that inspired Orson Welles’ classic film noir, "Touch of Evil"
  • Mystery File on BRANDED WOMAN: "This book is remarkable. As good as [Miller’s other books are], this is the money shot. This is a book worth rediscovery."
  • Crime Scene Scotland on BRANDED WOMAN: "With a complex protagonist, brilliantly choreographed action, a spectacular backdrop and prose that holds you at gunpoint until you’ve finished the final page, Branded Woman is pulp perfection."
  • Duane Swierczynski on BRANDED WOMAN: "A fast-moving, whip-smart thriller. Do yourself a favor...enjoy a long hot summer afternoon with Ms. Morgan."

Raves for the work of Wade Miller...

"Nobody writes the hardboiled mystery better."
Dorothy B. Hughes, MWA Grandmaster, author of IN A LONELY PLACE

"A master plotter."
Chicago Tribune

"Machinegun tempo, tight writing, unexaggerated hardness and unorthodox and overwhelming ending."
Anthony Boucher, San Francisco Chronicle

"Here’s a hint: Start this book early in the evening. You won’t want to lay it aside, even for sleep."
Montgomery Advertiser