Robert Bloch
April 2008
ISBN: 978-0857683557
Cover art by Arthur Suydam, Larry Schwinger

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SHOOTING STAR: A famous movie star found dead on the set of his latest picture...drugs hastily disposed of at the scene of the’s the stuff of Tinseltown scandal and could ruin the investment Harry Bannock made in the dead man’s library of films. For help, Bannock turns to Mark Clayburn, a one-eyed private eye with his own history of scandals. But can Clayburn uncover the truth about Dick Ryan’s murder before time runs out for Ryan’s co-stars... and for Clayburn himself?

SPIDERWEB: Eddie Haines came to Hollywood to work in television, not to become a phony self-help guru, collecting secrets from his wealthy clients in order to blackmail them. But that’s what Eddie has become, under the tutelage of Professor Otto Hermann, Ph.D., a vicious little man with dollar signs where his soul should be. It’s a lucrative set-up for both of them—until the day the professor pushes Eddie too far...

  • Two complete novels—published for the first time in 50 years!
  • Bloch is the legendary author of PSYCHO and of numerous scripts for Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Boris Karloff’s Thriller, and the original Star Trek TV series
  • Bloch won the Hugo Award for "That Hell-Bound Train"

Acclaim for Robert Bloch...

"Perhaps the finest psychological horror writer."
Stephen King

"Robert Bloch is one of the all-time masters."
Peter Straub