Max Allan Collins
March 2022
ISBN: 978-1-78909-143-4
Cover art by Mark Eastbrook

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Every professional thief knows you never return to the scene of a crime. But what if you’re forced to?

In this intense heist story—appearing in bookstores for the first time in three decades—MWA Grandmaster Max Allan Collins brings veteran thief Nolan and his young partner in crime Jon back to rob the same bank they targeted in their debut novel, TWO FOR THE MONEY, at the behest of an embezzling executive and a femme fatale with dollar signs where her soul should be. And those aren’t the only figures resurfacing from the past either—the ruthless Comfort clan is back to even old scores, and some members of the Outfit are packing bullets with Nolan’s name on them. With all these forces marshalled against him, can even the toughest professional hardcase come out on top?

  • Two full-length novels in one volume!
  • Sequel to Hard Case Crime’s prior Nolan volumes TWO FOR THE MONEY and DOUBLE DOWN
  • Original cover painting by Mark Eastbrook

Acclaim for the Work of MAX ALLAN COLLINS...

"Violent and volatile and packed with sexuality...classic pulp fiction."
USA Today

"Collins’ witty, hard-boiled prose would make Raymond Chandler proud."
Entertainment Weekly

"Crime fiction aficionados are in for a treat...a neo-pulp noir classic."
Chicago Tribune

"As cool as an Eskimo Pie on a hot summer day and as sharp as a Ginsu knife."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel